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Other Publications


“How a Cemetery Saved My Soul.” Jung Association of Saint Louis website: This essay with photographs won a prize in the 2017 Jung in the Heartland Competition.


“Stop Clock, Cover Mirror.” Chapter in The Guardians of Mediocrity: How Universities Use Tenure Denial to Thwart Change, Creativity, and Intellectual Innovation (Essay Collection). Foiled Crown Press, 2016.


“Mr. Almost Right.” Imitation Fruit (on-line journal), Fall 2016.

“Beasts of Tarr.” Ray’s Road Review (on-line journal), Fall 2013.

“Why I ♥ Cemeteries.” AGS Quarterly (solicited), Winter 2011.

“The Healing Garden.” Finalist. Writers Advice 4th Annual Flash Creative Nonfiction Contest, 2009.


“Romancing the Stone.” (Includes photographs.) South Loop Review, Special Issue on Journeys, Fall 2006.

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